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District 5 is teaming with potential to grow and create jobs, and the economy of North Carolina depends on new ways of doing business.

A good job and the ability to own your own business are at the heart of the American Dream. Unfortunately for too many families, the Great Recession meant the loss of a job. Today, we all know someone in that difficult position; or we may even be struggling ourselves.

I have been a consistent voice in the Legislature to protect taxpayers and free businesses to hire.  We need to promote opportunities for citizens to create and grow businesses of their own and foster a climate that will attract out of state businesses.  Long term, we must make sure our children and grandchildren have the education they need to compete in this economy.

 ~~ Ensuring Quality Education 

I firmly believe education must be a top priority if North Carolina is to continue growing and be competitive. An educated workforce attracts higher paying jobs and improves the per capita income of our State. This can be done by giving citizens options so each of us can choose the opportunities best suited for our children.

North Carolina also needs to insure access to higher education through affordable and convenient trade schools and colleges. A quality education system is the key to a strong North Carolina tomorrow, from excellence in our K-12 systems to our state colleges and universities. I understand just how important education is for the future of our great state, but I also see that standards are slipping and North Carolina is falling behind.

To get our education system back up to the top, we need serious changes that start with government.

  1. Make real reforms that benefit students and attract the best teachers. Increase flexibility in performance-based pay for teachers, reduce unnecessary certification requirements, and encourage school choice by the integration of Public Charter Schools.
  2. Refine the focus of education based on the needs of the work force. We need more programs that focus on the jobs that grow our economy – engineering, computer science, and mathematics.
  3. Expand access to community colleges and trade schools. Our increasingly knowledge-based economy requires a highly skilled workforce.
  4. Control spiraling tuition costs. Students preparing for their future shouldn’t walk away with massive debts on their backs.


I envisions District 5 as a model where citizens live free of crime, where all citizens live fully in unity within the law; where people freely walk on the streets without fear; and where citizens live and work together harmoniously for the good of their own fulfillment.

I will work with the business community, senior groups, faith based organizations, community leaders and law enforcement to tackle issues facing our communities.

It is our responsibility to stop the individuals who prey on people and bring them to justice. I will focus on five goals:

  1. Respect the victim's rights and make criminals pay full restitution.
  2. Hold all criminals responsible for their actions.
  3. Double the police resources available for crime prevention without any additional government spending.
  4. Protect seniors from fraud and financial crimes.
  5. Increase prosecutions on those who prey on seniors

Tony P. Moore

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